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Hack One

“Create your Universe”  |  April 27th, 2019

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The Deal

  • Top prize is $5000 cash, with total prizes awarded worth over $10,000!
  • Every hack must be built on NEAR and must relate in some way to the theme: Create Your Universe
  • The final judging happens on May 11th.
  • The top three teams will receive prizes! (there are some secret prizes that moderators will give out as well)
  • Check out the examples below for some ideas!
  • Points
    • This runs on a points system associated with a leaderboard that goes live on April 27th.
    • Various actions lead to points that can change your position on the leaderboard. These will be announced with the commencement of the hackathon.
    • Points can be earned over two weeks and judges will assign the largest bulk of points to the hacks they think are the best.
    • Being on the top of the leaderboard increases your chance of winning, but awesome technology will be rewarded by the judges.
    • Being lower on the board doesn’t exclude you from winning.

Hack.One NEARathon


Card Game

Blockchain is a great tool to create cards that are not reproducible and have ready for battle. You can build a whole universe of characters and effects. This is the God’s Unchained Universe, built on blockchain.

See it in action


For the first time ever, the technology to create digital collectibles exists. You can transfer these to each other, buy and sell them. Because of blockchain, they can’t be copied like other digital items. CryptoKitties and the “Kittyverse”:

See it in action

Open World

Another thing blockchain now enables is cohesive “real” property in a digital place. Imagine claiming your stake in a fully interactive world, where you own the land you claim. Decentraland Universe:

See it in action


Best Hack
$5000 Cash
featured on NEAR


Second Place
$3000 Cash


Third Place
$1000 Cash


Plus 3 more secret prizes


April 27th

1pm PDT
Live stream at near.ai/twitch, near.ai/youtube, near.ai/periscope
Leaderboard launches!
All final applications are due by 11:59pm PDT!

May 4th

11:59pm PDT
First progress report is due. You have 48 hours to earn points by rating the progress of others

May 6th

11:59pm PDT
Submission of project for feedback DUE

(May 8th 11:59pm PDT)
Feedback for other submissions DUE

May 11th

6pm PDT
Final Judging event. Live on Twitch and released on YouTube immediately after


Linda Xie

Co-founder & Managing Director of Scalar Capital


Peter Kieltyka

Co-Founder & CEO at Horizon Blockchain Games Inc.


Sina Habibian

Advisor at the Ethereum Foundation


What if our entire universe is a simulation? Who created the simulation? Why are there so many bugs? What if you could create a universe of your own?

At NEAR’s first hackathon, Hack One, we’re challenging you to create a world of your own to attract others too! For this hackathon, our definition of “universe” is very loose: it’s any thing or place that others can add to!

It could be a game, a social network, a collectible, or even a forum, the only requirement is that it allows other people to make or do things inside the world you created.

Surprise us!

The format of the hackathon is as follows:

  • Kickoff is April 27th and the competition runs for two weeks
  • Over the course of the competition, you can accrue points by reporting progress on your hack, and rating other’s progress
  • At the end of the two week period, there will be a final round of judging where expert judges can tip the scales for particularly interesting technology
  • Prizes will be announced on May 11th with another live stream! You will be contacted if you’ve made it into the top three!
  • There are other secret prizes that you can win!
  • Here are the official rules in legalese
  • Here is the Code of Conduct that we expect people to follow

If this is overwhelming, don’t worry! We know that the Universe wasn’t built in a day, here are some basic examples with code to get you started:

Official Rules | Code of Conduct | Privacy Policy | Leaderboard

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