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Our Vision

Our mission is to empower a billion people to take control of their money, their data and their identity from the mobile device in their pocket. We see a future where everyone has the freedom to operate seamlessly across both the virtual and real economies while maintaining full control of their assets, safe from the censoring effects of governments, the whims of corporations and the limitations of geography.

Our Values

  • Transparency

    Organizations should be open source and provide transparent governance for stakeholders.

  • Practical Decentralization

    Systems in steady state should disintermediate centralized and censoring entities.

  • A User-Centered Web

    Users should fully control their wealth, data and identity at all times.

  • Fanatical Usability

    The new web will only be successful if we ship product that users actually use.


You have the chance to become an early member of a world-class team with significant upside. The opportunity we are tackling will completely reshape the landscape of the web for decades to come and potentially affect billions of people.
If you enjoy being challenged every day, having a high degree of autonomy and a lot of impact, apply below to join the team.
If you’re a world class operator but don’t quite fit the roles mentioned above, reach out to with your information and we’ll see if there’s a fit.