Beta Program

TLDR: We’re taking applications for a limited beta program for early adopters to launch their projects alongside the NEAR mainnet in Q1 2020.

Who are you?

You’re an engineer with ideas that revolve around assets, marketplaces, privacy, digital-first organizations or governance. You want to build a new way of organizing people, their communities, their belongings, or their data, and you want to do it without letting people be coerced, trapped into using a service, or censored for living their lives online.

Can’t be evil over won’t be evil.

Why build on NEAR?

Towards the end of 2019 the NEAR Foundation will deploy the NEAR mainnet. Around this point a ton of people who hold NEAR tokens will likely want to use the apps on the network they now own access rights to, and people who hear about the launch of this new decentralized protocol will want to come and see what the fuss is all about.

There’s a super competent team building the base-layer protocol and developer tooling, and they’ll be available, responsive, and *extremely* open to suggestions for when things inevitably don’t go as planned. If you need 100% certainty, this program isn’t for you.

But here are the upsides of building on NEAR right now:

  1. The smart contracts are super easy to write – giving you user-controlled accounts, tokens and other assets as first-class elements of an economic computing system.
  2. Rapid prototyping for all. Devs at NEAR Inc dogfood and build stuff on NEAR every week, and they always end up adding things to the templates that make their lives better. They’re major tool snobs and it turns out that this makes the tools better for other devs.
  3. It’s early enough that anyone who is creating applications on NEAR right now is contributing meaningfully to the nascent ecosystem. If there are only 10 NEAR apps, and you are one of them, you represent 10% of the entire ecosystem, which will become only more meaningful as the ecosystem grows.

What the program offers

Firstly, there’s the start-up support:

  • A dedicated adviser from NEAR, with biweekly office hours
  • An allocation of NEAR tokens to use to fund developer accounts and distribute to the development team
  • Access to a private forum for early-access developers where you can get feedback, help each other out, and organize collaborations with other projects

Then, there’s the ongoing support:

  • Additional NEAR tokens allocated after the completion of specific milestones like onboarding your first test users
  • We’ll make sure you learn everything you need to know about blockchains and building on NEAR with access to our developers and the people who designed the protocol

Finally, there’s the launch support:

  • Gas-specific NEAR tokens to pay transaction fees in order to bootstrap your user base once everything goes live
  • Opportunities to present at demo days and talk about your successes online and offline in our social media, investor updates and newsletters.
  • Technical and media launch support when the big day finally comes

How to apply

As a baseline, you will need: an idea, something of a plan, coding skills (your own or borrowed), and enough available time to bring your plan to fruition. We will select a limited number of projects to take part in the beta based on which applications seem to involve a) sensible uses of decentralization and b) the ability to actually ship something and launch meaningfully on Launch Day.

Fill out this form

and you’ll hear back from us within a week.

If you have more questions, or you aren’t sure whether NEAR is a good fit for your project, email us at or drop us a line in Discord at

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