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Grow the NEAR community in your city. Attract new community members, spread the message online, stress-test dApps, write educational content, or run meetups for developers, project founders and validators. Join a global network of ambassadors in key regions working together to grow the NEAR ecosystem.

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The NEAR community IS NOT a community of crypto traders and investors. We are a community of builders and makers, and our ambassador network reflects that.

We Do

  • Run meetups for developers, dApp projects and validators
  • Facilitate discussions around Web3 use cases and sustainable business models
  • Attract community members who want to get their hands dirty and build sustainable projects


  • Run hodler meetups
  • Manage online communities for crypto traders and price pumping
  • Attract community members who are only interested in crypto for investment purposes
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What does an ambassador do?


  • Run meetups around open web and use cases
  • Write blog posts about use cases, web3, and business models
  • Translate content
  • Review dApps
  • Beta-test dApps
  • Manage online communities on e.g. Discord, Telegram
  • Gather community feedback to contribute to governance processes


  • Build dApps and connect with dApp developers
  • Answer developer questions in Discord, Github etc
  • Run developer meetups
  • Run validator meetups
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Build the Future Web

We believe the web needs to change. We are fighting for an open, equitable web, when people are in control of their data. As an ambassador, you will take part in building the future of Web3.

Build Relationships

As an ambassador, you will build relationships with the core Near team, as well as other ambassadors around the world via ambassador-only online channels and virtual meetups.

Get Compensated

You will receive compensation with 1000 NEAR tokens per month that you are part of the program for completing specific ambassador tasks (running meetups, voting, promoting content on NEAR).

Compete for Prizes

In addition, you will have the chance to compete for a prize pool of additional NEAR tokens that grows based on the number of NEAR ambassadors. The competition will be different every month, giving you lots of different chances to win.
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