Build the next big thing. Build it on NEAR.

Write, test and deploy scalable decentralized applications in minutes on the most developer-friendly blockchain.

We Developers!

And it seems that the feeling is mutual. 
This is what we’ve been hearing…

"We absolutely loved it! This technology can definitely power the application that we want to build."
Nic Meliones
Hack Squad
"NEAR Studio makes it easy for devs and entrepreneurs to get started on blockchain technology. Their web IDE works exactly like JSfiddle."
Spenser Hale
Pinky Promise
"The fact that you can deploy and test in one click is fantastic! You can't get better than this."
Jason Emberley
Current Coin

So, what is it?

NEAR is a blockchain that allows you to build decentralized apps. 
We think you’ll like it. Check out a quick demo below:


Developer Friendly

No one loves developers like NEAR (except maybe their moms... but we can only do so much)

  • Common language support
  • Browser-based tooling
  • Simple payment model

End-User Friendly

All the benefits of blockchain without all the confusing jargon... give users a chance to acclimate

  • Wallet-free onboarding
  • Token-free interaction
  • Familiar interactions

Professional Grade

The platform is designed to be easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for the world's most complex applications

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
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Our Investors

Buildeth on blockchain and thou wilst owneth thy data.
Wisdom of Nearkat

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